From Eastern to Western Sea

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Start Time

6 June 2020 21:00 Zulu

End Time

7 June 2020 00:00 Zulu

Depature Airport

No departure airport listed.

Arrival Airport

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Dear pilots:

Canada is lighting up for you! From the beautiful valleys in British Columbia, to the spectacular Rockies mountains in Alberta, the broad prairies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, busy cities with maple leaves in Ontario and Quebec, the attractive Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador on the Atlantic Ocean, and snow covered north territories, you can choose anywhere within Canada to fly! From the eastern to western sea, you will not only be able to see the amazingly diverse landscapes in Canada but also enjoy the professional Canadian ATC services!

VATCAN now proudly presenting the event “From Eastern to Western Sea” on June 6th, 2020. The time of the event will be 2100 - 0000 UTC, you can find the local timezones below:

CZVR: 1400 - 1700

CZEG: 1500 - 1800

CZWG: 1600 - 1900

CZYZ: 1700 - 2000

CZUL: 1700 - 2000

CZQM: 1800 - 2100

CZQX: 1830 - 2130

Event Airports: Any airport in Canada

Date: June 6, 2020 2100-0000 UTC

Charts available at (free account needed)

We look forward to see you there!

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