New GCAP Compliant Policies for Gander OCA

Details of changes to General & Training Policy

  Published 22 January 2024     Gander Oceanic Staff

Oceanic Controller Training Available

We have a

  Published 18 January 2024     Gander Oceanic Staff

Thank You

Coast To Coast Event

  Published 5 March 2023     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Controller Training Open

Click to find out more

  Published 5 March 2023     Gander Oceanic Staff

We are accepting new controller applications


  Published 5 March 2023     Gary Thomas 1248145

COAST TO COAST Pilot Briefing Now Available

A short guide and helpful tips for an efficient Oceanic crossing.

  Published 2 March 2023     Gary Thomas 1248145



  Published 27 February 2023     Gary Thomas 1248145

Gander Oceanic New Monthly Event with 18 hours of ATC Coverage

Gander Oceanic are pleased to bring you our new monthly event with 18 Hours of ATC Coverage

  Published 20 February 2023     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Operations Director: Amos Ng

Welcome Amos!

  Published 13 June 2022     Gander Oceanic Staff

Opinion survey - January 2021

Help shape the future of oceanic!

  Published 7 January 2022     Liesel Downes 1364284

Appointment of Assistant Operations Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our brand new Assistant Operations Director!

  Published 29 September 2021     David Solesvik 1341101

vNAAATS development, Flight Data Display and more!

Learn more about the latest changes concerning the vNAAATS plugin and oceanic control!

  Published 23 September 2021     David Solesvik 1341101

Cross The Pond 2021: Eastbound: Controller Signups

Dear co

  Published 1 September 2021     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Agreements between Moncton FIR and the New York Oceanic Facility

Effective August 18th, 2021, Ga

  Published 19 August 2021     Gander Oceanic Staff

Release of AIRAC 2108 - NAT_FSS

Changes to Oceanic Operations

  Published 12 August 2021     Gander Oceanic Staff

Introduction of "NAT_FSS"

Introduction of the new bandbox NAT_FSS position

  Published 24 July 2021     David Solesvik 1341101

Gander Oceanic Transition Area - Fact Fridays

It's Friday again! Time for another Fact Friday, where we bring you some interesting facts from over the Atlantic.

  Published 16 July 2021     Gander Oceanic Staff

Thank you Tyler!

Resignation as Events and Marketing Director

  Published 14 July 2021     Liesel Downes 1364284

Thank you Michal, and welcome Jean-Francois!

Thanks for everything Michal and welcome to the team JF!

  Published 1 June 2021     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Cross the Pond Lite

Cross the Pond Lite Returns better then ever!

  Published 17 May 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

Cross the Atlantic

Cross the Atlantic is 2 days away!

  Published 8 April 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

NOTAM: Application of the GOTA during CTP Westbound 2021


  Published 5 April 2021     Gander Oceanic Staff

Cross the Pond Westbound

Cross the Pond Westbound Returns!

  Published 5 April 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

Resignation - Ali Badreldreen

Thanks Ali for your dedication to the Events Team

  Published 2 April 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

Controller Applications - Cross the Pond

Controllers Needed

  Published 1 April 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

Resignation - Chriss Klosowski

Thanks to Chriss for his extraordinary effort on our sector packages!

  Published 28 March 2021     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Social Media Manager - Vacant

Marketing Team are hiring

  Published 23 March 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

Cross the Pond Applications

Cross the Pond Westbound Returns!

  Published 6 March 2021     Tyler Hindle 1443158

It's time to say goodbye (Resignation)

Resignation of Liesel Downes as Gander WM

  Published 14 December 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

Introducing the myCZQO Training Portal

Gander Oceanic has introduced our new online training system, bringing the myCZQO Training Portal and more improvements

  Published 8 December 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

Email Issue For Certain Domains

Users who use VATSIM/VATCAN/CZQO email addresses will experience issues receiving email from CZQO

  Published 20 November 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

Goodbye to the Oceanic Spreadsheet

We will shortly be phasing out use of the Oceanic Spreadsheet in favour of vNAAATS and natTrak

  Published 18 November 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Deputy OCA Chief (ZQO2) - Michal Majerczuk


  Published 27 October 2020     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Applications Open for Gander Deputy OCA Chief (ZQO2)

Applications now being accepted for one of our most vital staff positions!

  Published 7 October 2020     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Events Questionaire

Quick Survey for the Direction of the Events Team

  Published 5 October 2020     Tyler Hindle 1443158

New Events & Marketing Director - Tyler Hindle

Welcome Tyler!

  Published 4 October 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Website Update - Version 1.8.0 & Brand New Knowledge Base

One of our biggest updates yet: check out 1.8.0!

  Published 1 October 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

Cross the Pond Eastbound 2020 - Controller Applications Open

Apply to control for Gander in Cross the Pond Eastbound 2020

  Published 24 September 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

Sector FIles updated to AIRAC 2009

We have updated our sector files after some time to accommodate the new controller information lines.

  Published 8 September 2020     Chriss Klosowski 1306415

Resignation: Gabriel Cevallos (ZQO4)

Thank you Gabriel!

  Published 7 September 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

Resignation: Liesel Downes

Thank you Liesel!

  Published 16 August 2020     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Core 1.6.0 update

Changes in the CZQO Core update 1.6.0

  Published 10 May 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff


An immersive and realistic sound package for the Euroscope ATC Client.

  Published 8 April 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

Position Vacancies: 3 Training Team Members

Position notice for three instructors within the Gander Oceanic Training Team.

  Published 7 April 2020     Andrew Ogden 1336925

AIRAC 2004 - Sectorfile Release

Updated Sectorfiles to AIRAC 2004

  Published 3 April 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

New Instructor: Josh Glottman

Congratulations Josh!

  Published 23 March 2020     dieter windels 1146085

Appointment: ZQO3 Chief Instructor

Congratulations to Dieter Windels on his appointment as Gander Oceanic Chief Instructor!

  Published 22 March 2020     Andrew Ogden 1336925

Join Us This CTP! Register Your Interest To Control

(Re-issue) Want a challenge and a new experience? Come join us at Gander this CTP.

  Published 10 March 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

Resignation: Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown has resigned as our Chief Instructor

  Published 24 February 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

2001 beta 3 update

Changes for CZQO Core 2001 beta 3

  Published 17 January 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

Activity Requirements & Roster Cleanup

From the 1st of February, Gander Oceanic will begin actively enforcing controller activity requirements

  Published 17 January 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

CTP Lite: Dublin to Montreal

1 February 2020 12:00 Zulu to 1 February 2020 21:00 Zulu

  Published 13 January 2020     Gander Oceanic Staff

Privacy policy update (Jan 2020)

Our privacy policy has been updated.

  Published 8 January 2020     Liesel Downes 1364284

New VNAS tools released

Anders Moen has kindly updated the VNAS oceanic tools!

  Published 20 December 2019     Gander Oceanic Staff

CZQO Core 2001b1

Changelog and information about Gander Oceanic Core release 2001 beta 1

  Published 15 December 2019     Liesel Downes 1364284