Introduction of "NAT_FSS"

Introduction of the new bandbox NAT_FSS position

Published Jul 24, 2021

Effective August 12th, 2021 (release date of Airac Cycle 2108), the position NAT_FSS will be introduced to oceanic operations.

NAT_FSS will be a position which covers both the Gander and Shanwick sectors on a bandbox basis, allowing controllers and ATC to properly differentiate between Gander Oceanic or Shanwick single-sector operations vs. bandbox operations. For our oceanic controllers, this will mean that if you would like to cover the two positions on a bandbox basis, you should log on NAT_FSS, but if you would like to cover only one of these sectors, you may log on CZQX_FSS or EGGX_FSS respectively. This will also make it easier for pilots to know when controllers are covering single-sector or bandbox-sector positions!

NAT_FSS will operate on 5.649 HF, or 131.900 VHF and the radio-telephony callsign for NAT_FSS will either be "Shanwick Radio", or "Gander Radio", depending on the FIR that the pilot is currently passing through..

NAT_FSS will be added and adapted with our upcoming Airac 2108 sector file package, as well as the next Airac-2108 VATSpy update!