Release of AIRAC 2108 - NAT_FSS

Changes to Oceanic Operations

Published Aug 12, 2021

Effective August 12th, 2021 (release date of Airac Cycle 2108), Gander Oceanic will see a change in the structure of operations within the Gander and Shanwick Oceanic stations.

First of all, the NAT_FSS position will be introduced to oceanic operations. This station will consolidate both Gander and Shanwick enroute and delivery stations into one station, allowing bandbox operations to take place. This will mean that unlike previously, the single Gander (CZQO) and Shanwick (EGGX) stations will now only cover their single respective FIR.

All controllers, fully endorsed on Gander Oceanic, as per our controller roster, will be able to control on the NAT_FSS position.

Controllers shall use the appropriate radio-telephony callsign for either Shanwick or Gander Radio, depending on the aircraft's current location and FIR. Please refer to Oceanic Control Procedures for the correct callsign.

NAT_FSS will operate on HF frequency 5.649 and on VHF Alias 131.900.

In addition to the above changes, Gander and Shanwick Oceanic stations will now be permanently replacing the "FSS" suffix and will now use the "CTR" suffix for enroute positions (excluding NAT_FSS).

The following positions will now be in effect:

NAT_FSS (NAT__FSS) - 5.649 (131.900)

CZQO_CTR (CZQO__CTR) - 8.864 (131.700) CZQO_A_CTR (CZQO_1_CTR) - 3.016 (131.575) CZQO_B_CTR (CZQO_2_CTR) - 5.616 (131.675) CZQO_C_CTR (CZQO_3_CTR) - 2.872 (131.775) CZQO_D_CTR (CZQO_4_CTR) - 4.675 (131.875) CZQO_F_CTR (CZQO_5_CTR) - 13.291 (131.975)

EGGX_CTR (EGGX__CTR) - 6.547 (131.800) EGGX_A_CTR (EGGX_1_CTR) - 8.906 (131.450) EGGX_B_CTR (EGGX_2_CTR) - 2.899 (131.550) EGGX_C_CTR (EGGX_3_CTR) - 8.879 (131.650) EGGX_D_CTR (EGGX_4_CTR) - 10.021 (131.750) EGGX_F_CTR (EGGX_5_CTR) - 6.622 (131.850).