AIRAC 2004 - Sectorfile Release

Updated Sectorfiles to AIRAC 2004

Published Apr 3, 2020

We have updated our sectorfiles to AIRAC 2004 to accommodate some changes for Cross the Pond and the future, Please update them to the latest version and make sure to do a clean install.



The update package contains all the files which necessarily have to be replaced and the standard ASR profiles. No setting files (from the settings folder, except the voice channels) will be overwritten. If you wish to use your own personalized ASR profiles, make sure they are named differently than the ones provided with this package.

NOTE: Update & Install Package include the same files. Copy and replace.

As always the download links: (Shanwick Single Station File) (Gander Single Station File) (Ganwick Combined Station File)

NOTE: To any controllers wondering about the Cross the Pond roster we will let you know as soon as possible.