We are accepting new controller applications


Published Mar 5, 2023

Exciting news for aviation enthusiasts! The Gander Oceanic Control Area (OCA) has opened up its ATC Controller training program on Vatstim. This unique position requires controllers to manage aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean without the aid of radar, making it a challenging but rewarding opportunity. To be considered for this position, controllers must have a rank of at least S3 and possess a solid foundation in air traffic control techniques. However, the Gander OCA recognises that this position requires new skills and techniques, and is committed to providing comprehensive training to help new controllers succeed in this demanding role.

The Gander OCA covers one of the most crucial airspaces on the network. The non-radar environment of the Atlantic Ocean requires controllers to rely on procedural control, using flight plan information and aircraft communication to maintain safe separation between flights. The unique nature of this position offers a thrilling opportunity for air traffic controllers to apply their existing skills while learning new techniques. The Gander OCA training program on Vatstim promises to provide a challenging and rewarding experience for those who are up to the task. In summary, the opening of the ATC Controller training program on Vatstim for the Gander OCA offers a rare and exciting opportunity for experienced controllers to expand their skills and take on a challenging new role. With comprehensive training and support provided, this position is sure to attract the best and brightest in the field of air traffic control.

Up for challenge? Click Below https://ganderoceanic.ca/training/applications/apply