New Agreements between Moncton FIR and the New York Oceanic Facility

Effective August 18th, 2021, Ga

Published Aug 19, 2021

Effective August 18th, 2021, Gander Oceanic is announcing the introduction two new Letters of Agreement (LoA) with the Moncton FIR and New York Oceanic FIR respectively. These LoAs describe the standard flow of operations that are to be followed by controllers party to the agreement and also describe appropriate delegations, handoff procedures and more. Controllers and students, please get familiarise yourselves with the two new LoAs, which can be found on our ATC resources page ( We are very glad to be able to work together with the New York ARTCC and the Moncton FIR on these two great ATC resources which will be helpful for our operations and for our oceanic controllers and we are very much looking forward to working on future projects with both facilities.