New GCAP Compliant Policies for Gander OCA

Details of changes to General & Training Policy

Published Jan 22, 2024

From 0000z on the Tuesday 23 Jan 2024, new Gander OCA policies will come into force in compliance of the upcoming VATSIM GCAP changes.

The updated documents can be found at


Training - Our policy has changed that we will allow any C1 controller with more than 50 hours on a previous enroute position, to be provided with a training place within Gander OCA. This is a change from previous 80 hours and other recommendations from home area before applying.

On being provided a training place, a student will be provided with all the theory material relating to operating ATC within the Oceanic and then be assigned a theory exam which is a pass or fail exam. On passing on this exam, a student will be provided a practical training place, where they will have one-on-one live session with one of our highly skilled instructors. It will be the instructor’s decisions if the student has completed the criteria required before a certification can be awarded and a place on the roster. 
No Solo certifications will be issued.

We hope that the above training criteria will streamline the training process which will allow more controllers to be trained and therefore allow more controllers to be controlling on the network.

Current Controllers please review the currency section of the documents taking note of 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3 and 3.1.4