Oceanic Controller Training Available

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Published Jan 18, 2024

We have an exciting opportunity for C1 controllers to join and be trained as oceanic controllers with Gander Oceanic. Our division boasts a dedicated and knowledgeable team of instructors who are committed to investing time into our students to help them attain oceanic controller status.

What sets Gander Oceanic apart is that it operates as a special division where controllers do not need to apply for visitor status or make changes to their home division. We understand the importance of allowing controllers to maintain their ties with their home areas while also expanding their skills into the unique realm of oceanic controlling.

By joining Gander Oceanic, you will have the chance to control during major events, including the two biggest events on the VATSIM network—Cross the Pond. This is an excellent opportunity to maximise your availability and contribute to the seamless experience of pilots flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

Our current membership consists of controllers from all across the world and we looking to continue to expand our knowledge to everyone.

To express your interest and apply for training, please visit https://ganderoceanic.ca/training/applications/apply

Our team is ready to guide you through the training process and help you become accredited in this distinctive area of controlling on VATSIM.

We aim to advertise the unique chance to train and excel in oceanic control on VATSIM and we look forward to welcoming you to Gander Oceanic.