Cool. Calm. Collected.

Welcome to Gander Oceanic.

Cool. Calm. Collected.

Welcome to Gander Oceanic.

Thank you Michal, and welcome Jean-Francois!

Thanks for everything Michal and welcome to the team JF!

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Roger Puig

4 weeks ago

Joshua Seagrave

4 weeks ago

Marvin Schubert

4 weeks ago

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  • Roger Puig

    16.12 hours this month

  • Mufassil Yasir

    11.14 hours this month

  • David Solesvik

    6.97 hours this month

We control the skies over the North Atlantic on VATSIM.

Gander Oceanic is VATSIM's coolest, calmest and most collected provider of Oceanic control. With our worldwide team of skilled Oceanic controllers, we pride ourselves on our expert, high-quality service to pilots flying across the North Atlantic. Our incredible community of pilots and controllers extend their warmest welcome and wish you all the best for your oceanic crossings!

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